Air Freight

Air Freight

When a swift delivery is what you are looking for, air freight is the answer. Diamond Express Logistics Services will assist in finding the perfect airfreight solution for your company and your global business.

Air freight is the most time-effective mode of transportation and can be implemented not only for the smaller loads but also for the bigger shipments; chartering a complete airplane is even possible.

We have connections with a wide range of flights. Our network and options are well represented globally. There are so many routes that most parts of the world can be reached within one week.

The risk of damages or calamities are very low in air freight. We work closely with our airfreight partners to ensure your products arrive in the desired state and destination.

Have a team experimented by specialists in air freight who answer your daily priorities and strangely regarding the time, the space, the frequency and the costs, it is have a personalized and customized service. We are for your listening, we learn, and we train a partnership squeezed with you to identify your needs and understand your objectives. Our products of standard air freight and their personalized options confer a bigger flexibility on your supply chain.

Why Us!

To fully maximize our roles as freight forwarders, we decided to focus on dealing with problems related to shipment processes and delivery. If your business is in need of a freight forwarder to handle huge amounts of cargo to be delivered on time across the continents, 24/7 Amtrack is more than ready to give you a solution.

Transparent Pricing

The world of international supply chains involves a myriad of unknown risks and challenging.

Real-Time Tracking

We ensure our customers’ supply chains are fully compliant by our comprehensive practices.

Warehouse Storage

Depending on your product, needs and requirements, we provide warehouse activities.